Posted on 2014-01-31 00:29:20

Hello, I am Momota, the person who most resembles Marimokkori in Japan ( ̄▽ ̄) Self-proclaimed. (laugh)

The Mononofu producer Miki-san
who worked with us during Tenshi to Jump!
He wore a Marimokkori hat during filming for my sake (*゜▽゜*)

Alright. A few days ago, we appeared on Iitomo’s Telephone Shocking!!!

We played musical chairs with Tamori-san, did a mock live concert, it was so much fun- (^^)/

I’m so happy because we received lots of flowers ♪ Thank you!!!

And a new version of Aarin robot was born!
It can even play DVDs now! (´▽`)
Isn’t our robot the best? (´▽`) (laugh)

Looking forward to seeing the robot evolve again. (laugh)

January will end soon-
Aarin robot!

Beware-!! (laugh)