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You may tell me that-

But I’m still going to write about it! (laugh)

EX Theatre 2days (´∀`)

Day 1 was “Momoiro Yobanashi Second Night “Gentou””

It was a slightly mature concert, with no dance and the main focus on singing!

I was really so nervous, performing with a live band image

I performed Nakajima Miyuki-san’s “Sorafune”!
And then, Reni, Shiori and I
turned into THE ALFEE-san
and sang “Hoshizora no Distance”! (´∀`)

Reni was Sakurai-san, as usual!
Shiori was Takamizawa-san!
And I was Sakazaki-san (*゜▽゜*)

Fufu ( ^^)
It was so much fun~ ♪

And then,
we did a collab with Kume Akira-san and Karashima Midori-san!

Kume-san’s narration and Karashima-san’s singing
made my heart clench hard in my chest.

That was Day 1.

So, Day 2-!!!

“Oshiiro Manhattan image ~Nantekotta Pannacotta~”

In contrast, Day 2 was more like the usual Momoclo concert~!!

…Or not. (laugh)

We decided to do a concert with all of us switching colours! And it was to be decided through lottery on stage!

I took on the purple role!!!

And it wasn’t just a costume change.
We changed singing parts too!

But her part is tough. (laugh)

And then, everyone commented that I looked more mature in purple (。-∀-) Heheh

But Takagi-san looks so childish even in purple… Oh well! (laugh)

I was joking, Reni-chan ( ̄▽ ̄) image
I love Reni’s parts, so I was really happy to sing them (*´`*)

Through changing colours, I came to realize some things
But the main realization was that image colours are a really strong thing in Momoclo! (laugh)

A long time ago, when our colours were first decided upon
And I put on a red costume for the first time
This staff member
told me that it was refreshing, because I seldom wore red-!
I remember how we talked about it feeling somehow weird, too

And then, I remember her telling me
to “please become a girl who looks great in red”!

Thinking of that now makes me want to see her again (^^)