Posted on 2014-03-21 14:16:08

My phone
has fallen into the toilet bowl…

For the 2nd time in my life…

I’m really so pathetic de-ariyasu (;Θ;)

The blog entry I was writing is lost
My precious photos are lost too
(So refer to the other members’ blogs for Kokuritsu pictures)

It’s received lots of serious damage…

But it’s still alive!!

That’s why I’m a little behind in reading everyone’s comments…

While basking in that dream-like lingering glow

Thinking about it now gets me all riled up again

It’s been 4 days
since I saw everyone’s passionate feelings at Kokuritsu
But it still makes me sob de-ariyasu (TΘT)

Everyone, thank you so much

Those 2 days will be my treasure forever .:*:゜☆

It was a dream created by everyone

The best live band
The super powerful 100-strong live chorus
The balloons, fireworks, fire displays
Cherry blossoms, fishermen’s banner, autograph collections
The moon, starry sky, ten thousand penlights
Overflowing smiles, cheers and calls
The love from the staff and fans

A place overflowing with happiness ☆

The power from all the Mononofu who were not present

Came together with all the love in that moment

I’m sure the Moon watching in the sky
was amazed too (* *)

In the middle of Kokuritsu
On the Olympic fire platform
I could feel the power from all the Mononofu in Japan
As we spend the best time of our lives together
I’ll never forget it!!
It’s the pride of my life ☆

Let’s slowly creates more lives in the future~♪

Lives that
send us everyone’s smiles and power

Lives that may be small,
but where we can feel everyone’s love

You may be faraway, but your voices have reached us- ^^
You may be faraway, but your voices will reach us loud and clear- ♪

Thank you so much (cries alot) (*T T*)

Ah! Has everyone’s throats recovered from the strain?
Are your muscle aches better??
It was really cold, did anyone catch a cold??

I hope everyone is doing well! (*’-’*)

Because everyone’s energy is the source of my energy- (*`・Θ・´*)

The next time we meet will be the 3days AE event?!
At the Seibu Dome ☆

There’ll be lots of things happening between now
And the surprising 2 days at Nissan

But I hope that I can send out energy to everyone
So I’ll work hard in lots of ways to accomplish that! (*>∀<*)
I hope that we’ll get more chances
to appear on TV and radio, so everyone can tune in to us… ☆

Ah! By the way,
we’ll be appearing as guests on “Mayonaka no Harley & Race”
at 3:00~4:00am next Tuesday
It’s in the middle of the night, so everyone will be sleepy
But those people in areas where you can tune in to OA, please listen- ♪

And then, most importantly,
that song composed by Nakajima Miyuki-san
will be our latest hit (* *)
Isn’t it such a surprise?!!

“Naitemo iin da yo”
It really pierces my heart!!

Nakajima Miyuki-san, who has written lots of famous hits

I always listen to Sakurai-san’s “Ito” and Ayaka-san’s “Sora to kimi no aida ni”
Even the cover versions (*・Θ・*)

Mama really loves those songs too
Such as “Shinai naru mono he” and “A.ri.ga.to.u”
She’s recommended lots of albums
And I’ll be giving them a listen soon ♪

To be able to meet with such an impossibly faraway person
And to sing such a wonderful song

I’m really really so grateful de-ariyasu (*T T*)

Ah! And I’ll be taking up the challenge of rapping, which I’ve never done before
In “Doudou heiwa sengen”, the ending theme for movie “Shurarabon”

The new single will be released on 8 May
It’s a must-see- (*・Θ-*)

Must-see?! Must-listen?!

Either way, please look forward to it- ♪

Ahh- I want everyone to hear the full version soon
And let it ring in their hearts— (*’-’).:*:゜☆