Posted on 2014-03-29 00:34:07

While on the train this morning
I listened to this song while leaning against the train door ♪

MAGIC PARTY feat. Watari Kazuhisa-san (from Fumido)
“Kiseki no yoru”

I’ve been listening to Fumido lots lately
And I’m obsessed with Watari-san’s piano playing ☆

When I sing along
I feel a sense of unity with the lyrics

And when I love the melody as well
The sounds and rhythm just make me fall for the song, body and soul ☆

Meetings are miracles .:*:゜☆

The songs I love will forever be my heart’s treasure.

I keep them well-guarded

Bringing them out sometimes
To give me energy or heal my heart…

Receiving courage from the flowing music and words

Filling up my heart (*’-’*)

It’s just so wonderful .:*:゜☆

So! This weekend
Momoclo will be performing
as guests on the live broadcast programme
hosted by one the the most influential people in the industry, Sada Masashi-san de-ariyasu ☆

It will air
On NHK Sougou, from 0:05~5:00- ♪
“Konya mo nama de Sada Masashi Special ~All-Night Live Music Fest 2014~”

Hmm?! This week has been filled with lots of all-night programmes (* *)

Since it’s on Saturday, most people won’t have to work the next day
So please stay up with us all night ♪ (*・Θ-*)