Posted on 2014-04-07 00:35:38




I went to the Kokuritsu a few days ago to give thanks!

Together with QJ-san (*^^*)

I’ve heard that some Mononofu went to give thanks too (*^^*)

The 2nd photo was taken right before the Kokuritsu live!
And the 3rd photo was taken after the lives!

Our expressions look totally different! (laugh)

At the beginning, we were all raring to go,
but for some reason, we both felt so refreshed at the end. (laugh)

Even now, I still wonder
“Did we really hold a concert right here?”
I guess Kokuritsu…just has that effect on people!!

Dear Kokuritsu-san
Thank you for granting us…our miracle in your final days!!

The time we spent at Kokuritsu, and that moment of giving thanks
I’ll never forget it!!

So glad we got to know each other!!

And then, let’s continue to stay good friends.

We’ll meet again sometime!!!
We’ll go to meet you-! image