Posted on 2014-05-03 23:20:37

Yesterday, we hijacked Japan TV– image

In the morning, we had “oha4”, then-
“ZIP!”, then-
“PON!”, then-
“news every”, where we performed live (´。・o・。`)

Then, we danced together with Kyupii-chan in “3-minute cooking”
And then, we did “Warau kami-sama wa totsuzen ni…” at Harajuku! (*´艸`*)

And then, Friday RoadSHOW!’s “Akumu-chan Special”

Did everyone watch it all?

performed in a wheelchair, wearing a dress!

She recalls that we talked about doing this a looo—ng time ago,
Was it during a preview-? Or an event-?

She’s forgotten, but
“Let’s hijack a TV station next!”
“Wow, that’s impossible– (laugh)”

She remembers having this conversation with everyone.

And now, it has come true– \(^o^)/

So happy!

please go watch “Akumu-chan the Movie”, it’s out today!

And then and then, recently
she attended the public record dubbing event for “Saint Seiya” image

She had been doing the dubs alone all this while,
so she felt super nervous about doing a public dubbing with the other voice actors—

Everyone, Aarin has been working hard
So you have to watch “Saint Seiya” when it comes out in June-! (`・ω・´)

The other members had uploaded photos from yesterday
so Aarin will upload some other photos-! (。・ω・)ノ゛




And so and so,
everyone, have an enjoyable Golden Week!

image Sasaki Ayaka image