Posted on 2014-05-14 13:54:14

No.1 on Oricon Weekly ☆

To everyone who has already sent in their congrats~ Thank you (*^^*)

I’m just so unbelievably happy! (*>∀<*)

This is everyone’s effort,
so I want to share the happiness with everyone! (*’-’*)

Yaa————-y ♪♪♪♪♪

And then ♪ And then ♪
Something else that’s been making me really happy recently
is how I can hear “Naitemo iin da yo” playing non-stop
in all the stores I’ve visited these days ☆

I never imagined such a day would come,
so this just makes me feel like cryingggg~ (*T T*)

Ah! It’s ok to cry!! Right?
I’m sure everyone will retort… (・Θ・)

It’ll be great if our songs
can reach out to everyone like this throughout the city ♪

And, Momoclo’s 6th Anniversary will be here soon too
It’s really by everyone’s support that we’ve managed to come so far
Ahh— I’m just so grateful de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

I hope I can deliver some of this gratitude
during this weekend’s Ustream 24 hours (*’-’*)

Ah! I can’t fall asleep this time! (`・Θ・´)

Lastly, I’ve heard that there are some concerts planned
So look forward to hearing about those- ♪

The week is half over!!
Let’s work hard at work and in school today too-! (*`・Θ・´*)