Posted on 2014-06-08 22:17:54

It’s the rainy season-


How’s the rain at everyone’s areas?

And the weather had been so good just a few days ago, but now it felt like a dream- (°∀° )/

Aarin has been staying indoors. (laugh)

She’s tried to clean up her room too!

she just felt like changing things up! (laugh)

But she doesn’t know where to begin—

Why is it that whenever she tries to clean up on her own, things just get messier? (laugh)

Looks like she really can’t clean without Mama’s help (´・ω・`)

Aarin seldom spends time in her room,
so Mama always tells her “Just clean up your room, so you’ll want to stay inside” (laugh)

But what can she do in her own room-? (´・ω・`)

Mama tells Aarin to stay inside her room-

But whenever Aarin goes into her room,
Mama will always say “Hey, what are you doing-?” and call her out again (laugh)

…Oh well (laugh)

Aarin should stop complaining and go clean. (laugh)


A photo taken during a recent “Momoclo-chan”-

Aarin wants to heal soon and play soccer!

image Sasaki Ayaka image