Posted on 2014-06-09 23:53:59

My cute Z-kun ❤
He’s slimmed down lately and became much lighter, so he can jump around now!

Then- he’ll wait till Mama is asleep, then he’ll jump onto my bed and we’ll sleep together! (laugh)

Isn’t he cute-?!

Whenever I imagine Z-kun as a human, I see him as my twin, since our personalities are so alike-…
We’re both really calm, going through things at our own pace!
He’s clingy too, and when he can’t climb onto me, he’ll stay by my side!
But when he’s not in the mood, he’ll run away with all his might (laugh)
But he’ll always come back. And the whole thing starts again (laugh)

Yes, I totally understand you.
So, let’s get along together at a comfortable distance, Z-san.

And so, Tama-chan is going live
on Oohara Sakurako-san’s
All Night Nippon 0 today!
Good luck-!