Posted on 2014-06-11 00:17:47

Aari~~~n ♪

Happy Birthday (*>∀<*)

This year, I feel like,
yes, like I’ve grown closer to Aarin (’Θ ’)

It’s been a tough year, and lots of things had happened,
but Mononofu has always stayed with all of us
all the time, through everything,
so that even the scary things are not frightening anymore (*・Θ-*)
Just a while more, and she’ll be all healed ☆

And then, we can finally do late-night shows
together in the future ♪

Yes, all of Momoclo are now of legal age for late-night programmes- ☆

I hope that she will have a fulfilling and greatest year,
both as part of Momoclo and as Sasaki Ayaka (*^Θ^*)

Oh, and as Aarinyasu too (^m^)

Enjoy the rest of your high school life as well- ♪

I hope you have a happy year… ☆

And this blog entry was written while listening to
Pharrell Williams’ Happy ♪ (laugh)