Posted on 2014-06-12 22:19:18

Yesterday, on the 11th, Aarin!

Turned 18 (`・ω・´)

Sorry for updating the blog so late!

And thanks for all the comments! (-^艸^-)

This long-awaited 18——–

Aarin’s been waiting, late-night shows-! (laugh)

Because her 17 was full of injuries…

She hopes that her 18 will be injury-free!

She hopes to stir up the
Ayaka Revolution!

Please support
18 year old Aarin (*∩ω∩)

And then and then, wow!
We had the “Saint Seiya” meet-and-greet yesterday!

To everyone who came,
and everyone who watched the live viewing,

Thank you (`・ω・´)

She was really nervous that everyone was watching-!

The rest of the grand cast were nervous too, but
everyone was so interesting and kind (*^ω^*)

It was so much fun!

Thank you-!

We also announced another meet-and-greet on the opening day of “Saint Seiya LEGENDA of SANCTUARY” on 21 June (Sat)! (。-∀-)

So we’ll be going to the cinemas to meet everyone!!

Please visit the Saint Seiya website for more details!

The opening day is 21st!
Everyone, please go watch it!!

Everyone at “Saint Seiya”
wished Aarin a happy birthday too! (。・ω・。)

She’s so happy to receive birthday well wishes from so many people-!

It was such an unforgettable day!

Thank you (*∩ω∩)


↑ Z—- with director Satou Keiichi!


↑ with Ishikawa Kaito-san, who plays Seiya!

And then,
sorry for announcing this so late!

But Aarin can walk now with the help of crutches!

All of Mononofu have been worried about her all this while…
but she still announced this so late, so sorry!

Aarin wants to dancec soon~!

Please continue to support
this slightly mature Aarin!

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