Posted on 2014-07-06 17:53:06



are some Japanese phrases that I really love
in addition to “Arigatou” ☆

I think it’s just such a blessing
to have a place where one can return to

Like a concert,
or this blog, or ustream

I really wish I’ll be able
to continue doing these things forever (*^Θ^*)

Today’s BGM ♪
Sukima Switch-san’s “Sentimental hometown” and
One Ok Rock-san’s “C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.”
They’re totally different songs,
but I love them both (*^^*)




1. “Tadaima” is spoken by someone who has just returned home, while “okaeri” is spoken by anyone in the house in reply. Workable translations of the phrases are “I’m home” and “Welcome back” respectively.