Posted on 2014-07-08 23:02:36

We’ve received an offer from Gaga-sama (* *)
I’m just so happy that I can’t contain my excitement!

Wait wait, now’s not the time for that (ノ_・。)
To those near where the typhoon has passed, especially those in Okinawa,
please don’t wear yourselves out~

I hope that everyone will stay safe… ☆

I only have one wish
for today and tomorrow ☆

That the Mononofu are happy (*・Θ-*)

Please don’t tell me
“Seriously, don’t say such cliche things” |( ̄3 ̄)|

As for the Ariyasu-sui mystery,
please wait until Nissan to find out more (laugh)
Because even I myself don’t know what’s going on ( ̄ー ̄;)