Posted on 2014-07-11 11:46:14

Just now,
I saw a lady giving out eye drops at the intersection-

It was somehow so cool ☆

Maybe I’ll do that next time too- (*^m^*)

Well, not that I’m brave enough
to do such things anyway ^^;

By the way, Papa, for some reason
just can’t apply eye drops well,
even though he’s already an adult- (`・Θ・´)

Ah! Mama uses Sante PC everyday, though- ♪

Well, everyone,
when your eyes start to feel tired
you can always use Sante eye drops to refresh your eyes
anytime, anywhere (*・Θ-*)


We’re here to support
the health of Japan’s eyes de-ariyasu ↑↑↑

We’ll defeat the monster Megadoyon too–! (laugh)

Dampness in the eyes
Ariyasu-sui in the throat (lol)

And so,
we grant healthy eyes to everyone
so we’ll wait for your sparkling gazes- (*・Θ-*)

Ah! Also,
take care not to use the PC and smartphones too much (・Θ・) Teehee!