Posted on 2014-07-11 23:21:24


I went for Sujinashi’s movie version at Nagoya yesterday!!

I was so nervous and excited!!

It’s been a long time since I last met Tsurube-san,
and it was my first time meeting Nakai Miho-san too
That alone gave me so much joy (*^^*)

But that happened at the end! (laugh)

Before the show,

there was, of course, no script, and until I went on stage, I couldn’t meet with Tsurube-san nor Nakai-san, nor could I see the stage set,

I mean, I knew that’s how it’s supposed to be
But even though I knew it,
a feeling of the unexpected just washed over me. (laugh)

It was my first impromptu drama on stage,
there was an unknown atmosphere of anxiety around,
and basically, everything was new

This last assignment of my teens just gave me a view of a new world.

It was just so much fun!!! (⌒▽⌒)

Tsurube-san, Nakai-san, and everyone who watched at the venue or on LV!
Thank you!!

Sujinashi is just such a wonderful programme!

I also received lots of wonderful flowers (*゚▽゚*) Thank you!
I hugged all the flowers in the car back with Kawakami-san and Furu-chan, and now there’s lots of them all over the house! (。-∀-)

So! My 19th year is coming to an end-!!!

My teens is coming to an end-!!!

Teens was such a fun time!
I really had the best fun-!!!