Posted on 2014-07-16 23:06:01

Momoka-chan Momoka-chan!
Green Momoka-chan ❤ (laugh)

Hello, this is Takagi!

I want to go play with Ariyasu-san.
I love going home with Ariyasu-san.
She just calms me down!
As expected of the green one \(^o^)/
As expected of Team “More support” \(^o^)/
I’m waiting for your reply! (laugh)

And so and so, having sent that private message!
Nissan rehearsals are progressing smoothly!

We laughed uproariously, danced, ran, and daydreamed about the Nissan concert during our breaks, which sometimes got so out of hand that I felt like my soul had fled. I think Ariyasu-san felt the same way too (laugh)
That’s something that you can’t keep from Takagi—? (laugh)

How about everyone?
Is everyone well?
Is the heat getting to you?

Ahh— Just one more week!
Looking so forward to it!