Posted on 2014-08-01 23:33:29






Sorry for the late update—!

Were you waiting? Waiting for me? (。-∀-)

To everyone who attended Momoclo’s summer Baka Sawagi 2014 Nissan Stadium Fest ~Toujinsai~! Thank you—!!!

Have we tightened the screw—?

This year’s summer Baka Sawagi
had the highest number of audience, performers, and staff members ever in Momoclo history!

Lots of people came to help us out!!!

So much power, all gathered at Nissan Stadium
in one go. Just how amazing was that shrine? (*^ω^*)

It was a Japanese festival, that only Japan can stage!
A concert that Momoclo, the Mononofu, and lots of Momoclo family created

Riding on the strengths of lots of people,
this Baka Sawagi of combined effort
was the most fun, the most Baka,
the most Wasshoi! ever (´▽`)

And then, 2 days ago,
MOON PRIDE went on sale too
Momoclo’s Wasshoi just can’t be stopped! (laugh)

Even though Nissan is over, I realized today that Momoclo’s summer has just begun (´-`)

Summer is just going to get hotter from now on!!!

So we will
continue to heat up everyone’s summer too— (^v^)

( ̄▽ ̄) Fufu
We’ll pull you along—!