Posted on 2014-08-04 16:47:11

I made a mistake again
in my previous entry…

I’m sorry for always making mistakes (*_ _*)

“Yasumi no hi”
is not by Mr.Children, but JON SKY WALKERS…

I assumed it was Mr.Children because I heard it on Bank Band… ^^;

Thank you for taking care of me during the recording
for Wasurerarenu Music
I’m so sorry for my mistake (*_ _*)

I just love that song so much
To have taken part and helped to create that music,
a wonderful thing which can span eras and connect everyone…
I feel proud just thinking of it (*’-’ *)

I got to meet my favourite artistes too, such as Yuming-san, Yuzu-san and Sakurako-san
And I love back number-san too
I have all their albums on my ipod

To be able to collaborate with these wonderful people

And to have Terao-san
as the producer

It was just such a dream-like event (*・Θ・*)

It’s still up for download for those who haven’t heard it yet
So please give it a listen— ♪

Fufu! I’m sorry
for making the announcement at this time… ^^;

Ah! And thank you
to everyone who bought or downloaded MOON PRIDE— (*^Θ^*)

And then and then,
actually, from 18 September onwards,
we will become regular guests on CS Fuji NEXT,
a 2-hour long live music programme (*>∀<*)

The title of the programme is “Sakazaki Kounosuke’s Momoiro Folk Village NEXT”

With ALFEE’s Sakazaki-san as our leader, we will be learning how to play the guitar, as well as sing

Ah! Takebe-san and Katou Izumi-san will be with us too— ♪

This has always been a daydream of mine,
so getting the chance to do this is really a dream come true ・・・.:*:゜☆

I just can’t stop smiling now

But because it’s a live broadcast programme,
there are some worries too ^^;

But I hope that it’ll be a programme that everyone will enjoy,
and I wish to learn more about music
and improve on various skills too! (*’-’).:*:゜☆

To be able to have more contact with music
in my everyday life, even if it’s by just a little,
makes me so happy
I’ll treasure these precious moments ♪

Though I still worry about things like, can my fingers even reach the strings to form chords…?

I’ll do my best to hold on to my guitar
and to challenge myself to play it,
instead of being engulfed by its size (`・Θ・´)

I’m small—
But I’ll do my best de-ariyasu!!!

Everyone~ Please cheer for me (*・Θ-*)