Posted on 2014-08-16 00:29:33

Look look—
The world-famous Gaga-sama did the Z pose— (>_<)
She even chatted with us after the concert ♪

We couldn’t really communicate in English,
so we had to have an interpretor (⌒-⌒; )

Her aura was just overflowing with character and passion,
I just feel so much respect respect respect———— for her!

It was my first time watching her concert too, it was just so overwhelming (*_*)

I was touched by her piano performance,
and her instant costume changes were so exciting and shocking
Things just kept happening,
it was as if the whole place was filled with magic~ ☆

Just thinking that we got the chance to be the opening act,
and to stand on the same stage as Gaga-sama,
it just feels like a dream (o_o)

In truth, my excitement has yet to die down,
and I’ve grown to love Gaga-sama even more de-ariyasu! (*>∀<*)

Just meeting Gaga-sama once is enough
I’m sure everyone will fall for her!!

Thank you so much
for showing us what worldclass entertainment is like ☆♪

And then, to everyone
who shared our time in that space,
and everyone who came down to see us,
thank you all so much (*^^*)

It was just so much fun! (*^Θ^*)

I hope that everyone reading this
can somehow feel my excitement,
even if it’s just a little.。.:*☆

I’ll never forget
the power I received!