Posted on 2014-08-17 17:59:02

Sorry for the late update,
thanks to everyone who watched FNS~ (*^^*)

There’s nothing I can say!
Other than it’s a real miracle
for us to appear on this programme
I’ve always admired!

If someone had travelled back in time to tell me this would one day happen,
I would surely have fallen over from shock (°_°)

It’s an event ☆
that grants so much excitement and power

because we get to perform with so many wonderful artistes

and watch all this fantasy collabs happen right before my eyes

To everyone who sent us your power through the TV,
and everyone who came to the venue to support us,
I’m really full of gratitude de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

And then, this time
we got to perform with Ebichuu-chan and Syachihoko-chan too (・Θ・)

So we took lots of photos~ ♪

But there’s just so many, I can’t upload them all…

I’ll be keeping them safe in my private folder (^m^)

Ebichuu-chan and Syachihoko-chan,
Oh! And miwa-san and everyone from SCANDAL.
Girls’ Factory on 18-19th will be such a joy because all of us are gathered together! (*>∀<*)

To everyone coming to the Yoyogi Gymnasium,
and everyone watching via Sky Perfect on Fuji NEXT,
look forward to the show~ (*・Θ-*)

Oh! I’ll upload more photos the next entry,
so wait for them~ ♪

The Bon Festival holidays will be over soon,
but everyone~ keep on fighting— (`・Θ・´)