Posted on 2014-08-24 23:30:47

It’s already the last week of August…

Whenever this time rolls around each year

I just feel a little agitated,
and think of all the things I want to get done before summer ends…

After the festivals,
and the fireworks,
there’s just this feeling of loneliness

It’s this indescribable feeling that only comes at this time (・Θ・)

I know summer will come again next year…

But this year’s summer will only happen once

I just want to lock up
all these unforgettable precious memories,
where it’s summer forever!!

Every time I think about this

I just suddenly get so sentimental ^^;

The atmosphere from this period

just stirs my heart up

and I get so sensitive when sunset rolls around

All these are just
such unique emotions…

That can’t be put into words, and I just love it ☆

♪ Today’s BGM ♪
BankBand’s “Wakamono no subete”

and Galileo Galilei-san’s “Natsuzora”
are on endless repeat ♪

To everyone in the “Wani to shampoo” situation, hang on———!!
Also, please help me insert an “l” into the “bog” from my previous entry ^^;
Sorry for all my frequent mistakes-ribbit ∂`‥´б