Posted on 2014-08-23 20:20:13

I’ve not updated the bog for awhile

After Girls’ Factory~
we did a concert at a huge stadium in Sendai ♪

Right after FNS,
we got to try out lots of collabs,
and so gain much more experience

I’ll watch the OA later and reflect on our performance,
but the grand collabs really made my heart dance

It was just such a hectic week! (*’-’).:*:゜☆

So~ That said,
the Downtown Momoclo band had
been through all the concerts with us.
It’s just such a miracle
that we can have so much fun making music (* *)

I think about it every time

About how the band supports us through it all

And how they watch over us

And how it feels like they’re pushing us forward

It’s just so amazing…

The happiness of creating sounds together
It makes me feel like bursting every time de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

But why? ♪
The Downtown Momoclo band is so scary like that ☆

To all the people at the venue
of Girls’ Factory,
and those who watched the LV,
and those who watched it on Fuji NEXT

I’m really just full of gratitude
to have delivered those emotions to as many people as possible (*^^*)

Thank you for the wonderful time ♪

Seeing everyone’s faces
just gave me lots of flashbacks,
and I was totally overcome with emotion (*T T*)

The smiles I saw while on that stage
were all really dazzling! .:*:゜☆

And then and then,
the most nerve-wracking moment
in those days of concerts!!

Tenkasu Trio ☆☆☆

Wow, it’s been at least half a year since our last performance… ^^;

It’s true, the trinity (3 in 1) that we have
is just invincible de-ariyasu (*・Θ・*)

I can’t put that nerve-wracking emotion into words,
but being in this trio is probably the only thing that can make me feel that way

It’s alright that we don’t perform together frequently,
but it’ll be great
if we can do so again someday! (*>∀<*)

Thanks to everyone
for being as one with us!!

Mezamashi-san did a recording for me too,
so it’s kept as a “forever memory” BD at the Ariyasu residence (*・Θ-*)

And then and then,
the concert at Sendai’s Rakuten Stadium ☆

We went to perform
together with Kishidan-san and Funky Katou-san ♪

Thank you
to everyone from Tohoku
who came all the way to gather at the venue (*^Θ^*)

We sang Nippon Banzai,
and I shouted “Daisuki desu!!” at the top of my voice,
a direct message to everyone.
It was such a joyous thing (*^^*)

We ran around the large stadium too,
during Kaitou’s fake,
as well as during Diamond— ♪

We also danced the Suzume odori, Sendai’s traditional dance,
so that made it a unique performance ♪
I had so much fun de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

For the last song, Funky Katou-san’s “Ato hitotsu”,
everyone in the stadium raised their index finger up high
and sang the song together.
I’ll never forget that!!

I really felt the amazing power of song

Everyone coming together as one,
each person contributing their power
and receiving everyone else’s power in turn

I can’t describe it well,
but I really think that this invisible strength exists…
And I felt it really strongly!!

I remember raising my arms
towards the sky, again and again…

Let it reach
This song of smiles
This song of hope

♪ Today’s BGM ♪
Is Funkymon’s “Ato hitotsu” and~
Mr.Children’s “Kazoeuta”