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Ahh— Ahh— Ahh— Ahh—
How did Aarin manage to stockpile so much to say… (laugh)

Sorry for not updating sooner

August is just filled with so much excitement!

We got to perform at the FNS Summer Song Festival ♪
And we did collabs with so many artistes!

We got to try out lots of different music genres,
so it was a really wonderful experience!

Thank you!

Of course!
We put in our best effort into every song



Collaborating with Suzuki Masayuki-san on “Shibuya de goji” was just too nerve-wracking! (laugh)

But it was just so much fun (∩´∀`∩)
Aarin was so happy—!

With 3 shoulder pads
and her bangs done up into a cockscomb style (laugh)

It’s a fashion from an era Aarin doesn’t know, but it fit her surprisingly well, right? (・∀・)

E————veryone said that she looked much older than her real age (laugh)

Aarin’s glad to make the other performers and staff members laugh (laugh)

Suzuki-san gave us so much direction,
so it was really lots of fun!

Thank you (-^艸^-)

And then,
we did the opening act for Lady Gaga-san’s concert!!!

It was really so unbelievable that we got to stand on the same stage as Lady Gaga-san!

Even now, it seems like a dream!

All the Little Monsters,
and of course, all the Mononofu,
gave us so so much support…!

To the Little Monsters,
thank you for giving us such a warm welcome!

And we got to watch Lady Gaga-san’s concert too

It was really so impressive and amazing, that Aarin forgot to even blink!

Aarin watched the whole thing excitedly!

She received so much encouragement, and felt so touched!

Thank you!!!

A-n-d-t-h-e-n———— (。・ω・)ノ゙
Girls’ Factory 2Days

For Day 1,
we performed as miwaclo and Momoiro SCANDAL!

Though we’d already performed together during FNS,
our teamwork was once again just extraordinary!

And (Aarin thinks that) we’re getting closer as friends too! (laugh)

It was so much fun \(^o^)/

She hopes to do it again— (`・ω・´)

And then, Day 2

We did debut collabs
with Akai kouen-san as “Akaclo”,
with URBANGARDE-san as “URBAclo”,
and with Negoto-san as “Negoclo” *(^o^)/*

Everyone covered a Momoclo song!

The songs were done in new arrangements, so it was really refreshing (○´艸`)

Aarin was so happy to hear the usual Momoclo songs infused with everyone’s styles—

She loved all the collabs—!!

So much fun (`・ω・´)

Thank you!!!

For our own segment, we performed 11 songs ///
We also performed with all the 3B groups!

It was so so much fun (*^ω^*)

Girls’ Factory is the best!!!

Thank you (*∩ω∩)

And then, we performed at Sendai K-Stadium for Mezamashi’s LIVE COUNTY (^^)

Thank you—!

It was great that it didn’t rainnnnnnnnnnnn!

We were just so close to the audience!
Aarin received lots of energy from everyone ///

It was our third time at K-Stadium,
so Aarin just felt like she had come home. (laugh)

There was this feeling of “I’m home—!” (laugh)

All the locals taught us how to do the Suzume odori,
and we played Mezamashi rock-paper-scissors with all the 20000 people in the audience,
and enjoyed Kishidan-san and Funky Katou-san’s segments

It was just such an exciting and fun day! ♪

Thank you

We’ll be back soon—!

Ahh, Aarin doesn’t know which photos she should upload (laugh)


With Otogumi’s Kikuchi P and Hamasaki!

Aarin loves Otogumi—!


With Lady Gaga-san!

This one’s Aarin’s treasured shot (*∩ω∩)



Girls’ Factory—!!

We all held guitars, though we couldn’t play them. (laugh)

So? So?
Did Aarin look cool with it? (。-∀-)

From September on, music programme “Sakazaki Kounosuke’s Momoiro Folk Village NEXT” will start airing on CS ♪

We received these guitars from Kikuchi P for that programme (つω`*)

Isn’t it cool~?!

Aarin will surely learn to play it well~!


And then, Sendai!

We met Rope-senpai and Akira-senpai (*´`)

Summer vacation’s going to end soon.

This is bad—

To have spent such a fruitful summer vacation like this…

Aarin’s homework has accumulated. (laugh)

She’s proud to say that she’s never had a situation like the one in “Wani to shampoo”~ (ヾノ・∀・`)

But for her last year, she’s in the “Wani to shampoo” situation. (laugh)

Sigh… Neverending. (laugh)

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