Posted on 2014-08-31 01:14:57

My mama has always been a big big big fan of Hakushon Daimaou ☆

Until recently, she had
all— the figurines she’d earned from UFO catcher machines a long time ago
displayed proudly at home (* *)

But they were thrown out during a spring cleaning session
Thinking about it now, it seems a little sad ^^;

So in exchange, I showed her lots of photos
that we took— ♪

Everyone, you can look too~~~ ♪♪♪

Come and go, this is Akubi-chan—! ♪

I was just so happy
to become my favourite Akubi-chan de-ariyasu (*>∀<*)

And then and then

Well, I got to perform “Akubi musume no uta”
with Horie Mitsuko-san herself, whose cute and strong singing voice
has not changed a single bit since she started performing at 12 years old (* *)

It was a double joy ♪
I just couldn’t stop smiling de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)
that’s just a quick update for everyone ☆

Thanks to everyone who came down— (*^^*)

It’s the last day of August,
but I’ll renew my efforts in September
to deliver Akubi Momoka power——— ☆☆☆(*・Θ・*)☆☆☆