Posted on 2014-08-31 23:16:04

Ah! Yes yes
Talking about Anime Summer,
I finally felt like I understood what all those artistes are talking about
when they speak of the power of anisong

Actually, I sometimes sing anisongs
when I go for karaoke sessions— ♪

Like Juuhachiban—…
God knows!

It feels good to sing that song (*^Θ^*)

And then, I can’t sing it well yet,
but I really love this song called “Kimi no shiranai monogatari” ☆
I’m practising it now~ ♪

Did you ever expect…
to hear me actually discuss anisongs?! (^ー゜)

And so,
we were together with Horie Yui-san and angela-san during the recent Anime Summer
And since we’re on the same level,
we took a photo together (*^Θ^*)

Thank you~~~ ♪