Posted on 2014-09-05 01:30:24

Now that it’s September, is everyone hard at work back in school or at work?
Taka-san is enjoying herself every day!
She’s been thinking about lots and lots of things!
Really “thinking” about things may be difficult, but the concept of “thinking” holds a deep meaning!

Like when I watch concert recordings, I think about the Mononofu!
And I think about what I can do for these people!
I think about how, no matter what obstacles we may face, we will overcome them all to protect these smiles!
So I wish for everyone to continue smiling!
And I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen ( ^ω^ )

And so, I think about how I can give myself fully to these people!
If someone is troubled, I’ll do something to help. And when I’m troubled and need someone’s help, I know that someone will be there, and that I’m never alone!

So let’s work hard to smile tomorrow!