Posted on 2014-09-26 22:26:30

Sorry for not updating for such a long time—!

With the autumn equinox over,
the weather has turned autumn-like too—!

Now’s the time for seasonal foods, like pumpkin desserts and chestnut desserts…!!

Aarin loves those with yam, chestnut and pumpkin!

Hmm, or was it yam, corn and pumpkin?

Oh well, she loves both!

Because she’s a girl! (*^ω^*)

Then, fashion too!

Now’s the time to match jackets and have fun with layering— ♪

Aarin’s got lots of autumn wear,
and she loves fashion (*゚∀゚*)

Because she’s a girl! (*^ω^*)

Recently, Aarin
has fallen in love with green! (laugh)

The messenger bag she bought the other day is green,
her new backpack is green,
plus all the key chains on her bag are in shades of green too

She didn’t realize it until her friend commented “Aarin, you like green?” (°∀° )/

T-that doesn’t mean that Aarin loves Momoka!!!!

…But she does~ (*^^*) (laugh)

Anyway, most little girls
write notes for each other in autograph books, right?

We would choose books in our favourite colours, right?
Yes… Aarin used to buy pink and yellow-green ones…

Thinking about it now,
they’re the colours of Momoiro and Clover! ( *´ω`* )/

It feels like destiny!!

Because she’s a girl! ← (laugh)

Yes yes!
An announcement (-^艸^-)

“Saint Seiya LEGEND of SANCTUARY” Blue-ray & DVD will be released on 5 December—!!!


With Nojima-san, who voiced Phoenix Ikki!

Watching Blu-rays and DVDs are exciting, in a different way from watching in a cinema!

You can rewind! And see all the details!

The Blu-ray BOX for the limited first-press edition
contains a special movie featuring Aarin in Sailor Moon costume!! (laugh)

To everyone who watched it in the cinema,
and everyone who missed the show

Please! Check it out—!

It’s not just for the boys,
this movie will excite the girls too ♪

…5 December’s the release date! (laugh)

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