Posted on 2014-11-07 23:26:54

Arghh———!! One week…
Really passes by so fast— (* *;)
It’s already the weekend in the blink of an eye…
Last weekend, I met with lots of people
and received many warm cheers and praise
Lots of people watched Ustream too
So this week
was full of joy for me… (*^^*)
Thank you so much, everyone ♪
Anyway, it’s been getting really cold,
has anyone caught a cold??
That’s right,
I’ve seen some comments of some of you falling sick…
Please get well soon (; ;)
At this point,
lots of big announcements have been made too
about “Fujii to yome no nanokakan sensou”
and finally
the movie “Maku ga agaru”…

Onna matsuri is coming soon too ♪
Ah! Rehearsals have just begun
and Yumi-sensei is already all pumped up ☆
Everyone~ Please look forward to it— (*・Θ-*)
And then ♪
About “Maku ga agaru”
…Was everyone surprised—?!
It’s Director Motohiro of “Odoru daisousasen” fame— ☆
It’s become a reality for us (* *)
At first, the thought of us
appearing in such a big movie…
Really made us so nervous
But thanks to the passion and teamwork of the director, producer
and all the staff members,
we were naturally guided
into this world we’ve never explored before (especially for me, who had a midwestern role which is totally not my usual self)
and we slowly started to learn how to act (*’-’*)
We’ve not seen the completed product yet
so I can’t comment on it,
but I have a feeling that it’ll surely be wonderful
and something which is totally different from anything we’ve done so far
That’s my secret feeling ☆
It’ll be released on 28 February,
and stage plays are scheduled to start in May too
(We’ll go all over Japan to meet everyone— ♪)
Everyone, please look forward to it— (*^Θ^*)

Ahh— I’ve been wanting to tell everyone about it~
And now I finally can (*^^*)
I’ve been itching to do so since summer de-ariyasu (laugh)
There have been people who’ve gone and read the book already,
and that makes me glad ♪
The original book is really wonderful,
so please read it before watching the movie (*・Θ-*)

I’m really thankful everyday
for the chances given to us to take new steps de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)
And so,
Today’s BGM is, of course,
reflective of my mood now, “Ashioto ~ Be Strong”,
whose PV has just been released ♪


Misa’s note: “Maku ga agaru” means “Raise the curtains”.