Posted on 2014-11-05 23:42:35

Everyone, do you know about it yetー?

We will be starring in a movie “Maku ga agaru”
which will come out on 28 February next yearー! ( •∀•)/

And then, we just announced it on Ustream too!

Thanks to everyone who watched itー! ❤

Aarin was watching the news this morning too,
and she felt relieved, thinking “Ah, finally we have announced it to everyoneー!” (^ω^)

We’ve been filming everyday
from late August to early October

A high school drama…

All the actors…
And the members.

And the director and staff members.

Everyone was perfectly focused on the project,
and everyday just felt really productiveー.

And we have been awaiting this day
to finally tell everyone about it!

even we have seen noーーーーne of the edited footage

Even the footage for “Hashire!”, which was just released,
we watched it for the first time with everyone (laugh)

Though we don’t know how it’ll all turn out

Director Motohiro and Kawakami-san (← surprisingly)
were full of praises!!!

That’s because we put our whole souls into it!!

So Aarin thinks it’ll be a work we’ll be truly satisfied with.

More information will gradually be released, so please check it out, everyoneー! ( ˆoˆ )/

Aarin wishes that lots of people will watch it.

Sasaki Ayaka