Posted on 2014-11-11 23:05:06

Today’s Pocky Day ♪
Which means
That even the convenience stores
All have their Pocky corners nicely set up (*>∀<*)

Has everyone eaten Pocky too~??
Which flavour do you like—??

I like Almond chocolate and Roasted flavours— ♪

The staff prepared lots of Pocky for us
And during lesson breaks
I played the Pocky game with Reni (something I usually never do ←) lol

I would usually never do this ←
…But if it’s today ♪ Then it’s a special exception (* ̄ー ̄*) (lol)

And then, last weekend
Momoclo arts festival was held at
Tachikawa’s Forum Chuubu (*>∀<*)
I wanted to go— (*T T*)

But since we heard an account from Kawakami-san
And saw photos of everyone’s wonderful works
Oh well— ♪
Everyone~ Thank you (*^Θ^*)

I’ve received all the love
from the Mononofu de-ariyasu (*・Θ-*)

And thanks to everyone who watched
Saturday’s Music Fair! ♪

Mama usually doesn’t praise me much,
but she said that MOON PRIDE was really cool ☆ (* *) Whoa—!!

And Radio-Chan too
Thanks for always tuning in and leaving reviews (*^Θ^*)