Posted on 2014-11-11 23:07:04

November 11th! It’s Pocky Day today *(^o^)/*
The candy booth near our lesson venue had Pocky all over the place! ❤
Thank you, Takahashi Meijin!!!!
I gobbled it all down. (laugh)
Yes, and then— I felt like wearing the green parka during rehearsals today, and when I did, I just fell in love with green, and wore it all the way!
So Ariyasu wore the purple parka! (laugh)
And I kept talking about how “I really love green, it’s so cute, I really love it.” And Ariyasu replied, “I’ve come to love purple too—! ❤” (laugh)
We were praising each other so much, it was gross. (laugh)
Finally, we concluded that we were being really mushy that day, and laughed like idiots (laugh)
But— I really love green. (laugh)