Posted on 2014-11-25 00:42:27

2 years since the last Onna Matsuri!!
Long time no seeeee!
With only girls, it feels somehow like a flower garden! ❤ But I won’t say that!
So hot hot!!
I managed to catch a glimpse of girl power! *(^o^)/*
Well, everything was just so cute!
The stage, the costumes! The dancers too!
All this was produced by our one and only Yumi (^^)
As expected of her, really!
She seriously took us and the Mononofu into consideration, and infused her love into everything!
Did we manage to deliver this best and most wonderful show to everyone?
Was everyone satisfied?
To the one and only staff members, dancers, Mononofu and Yumi-san!
Thank you for the joyous dinner time!

Girls are the best!
And then, because it’s Osaka! We had takoyaki catered~! ❤
I took on the challenge of making takoyaki for the first time! ❤
I’m obsessed! (laugh)
I even stole all the takoyaki from the staff and gobbled them down! (laugh)
Ahh— It was really a happy day—! Thank you!
The 3-day holiday is ending, so let’s work hard again tomorrow (^^)
Fight p(^_^)q