Posted on?2014-12-07 22:22:17

Ahh—!! It’s getting so cold— ((((;´д`))))

Everyone—, I hope noone caught the flu??

…That said, it’s already December now (・Θ・)
Time just keeps moving on…

To everyone who came to shop at Makuhari yesterday
despite the cold,
thank you— (*^^*)

I saw so many Mononofu’s smiles
and my heart was so warmed that I forgot all about the cold— (*^Θ^*)

Always so sudden…

It’ll be Momokuri soon,
and we’ll have lots of TV appearances during year’s end

Next year will begin with Fujii,
then the movie, and concerts

Chances to meet everyone
just keep increasing ♪

There’s nothing that makes me happier (*>∀<*)

So everyone~ Wait for me— (*^Θ^*)

So, today’s BGM
is a song that always manages to warm my heart, like magic ♪
Miura Daichi-san’s “Fureau dake de ~Always with you~”

And~ Lastly

It’s been a long time since we did this
And I thought~
Maybe I can give everyone a quiz question— (*’-’*)

There are 4 TV dramas this season, some of which have already ended,
that I haven’t watched yet ☆
(Some I gave up on halfway… – -;)

So— What are they?? (^m^)

If you can get all 4 right, you’re amazing— ☆☆☆