Posted on 2015-01-06 23:39:34

We had great weather today— ☀

It just makes one go…

So warm~ \

And so!
This is sudden… But Aarin has an announcement 💓💓💓

The episode of “Kirumania family” in which she was the emcee will air
on 11 January on Fuji TV ( •∀•)/

She managed to work with Funakoshi Eiichiro-san (`・ω・´)

She was really nervous, but he was really kind to her

With great-great-great senpai Funakoshi-san’s support,
she managed to do it with a DOーーーーーN, as if riding on a huge boat!

※She’s in a dress, but her leg’s not fractured this time. (laugh)

It’s an hour-long programme, starting from 00:55!

How will Aarin be like on air?
Look forward to watching it (^ω^)

Aarin wishes that everyone will watch
“Kirumania family” together with her when it airs!

It was only a one-time thing,
but she hopes to do it again! ✴

Are there any regions where the show won’t be broadcasted?
Please check the official website for more details! (*¨*)

It’s 11 January!

It’s 11 January!!!! (laugh)

Please watch if you can! (*/ω\*)

Sasaki Ayaka


Misa’s note:
Aarin makes a pun on Funakoshi’s name when she said “as if riding on a huge boat”, as the kanji for Funakoshi literally means “boat crossing”.