Posted on 2015-01-11 23:27:06

“Datte Aarin nanda mo-n ☆”
won 1st place
in Ore no Best Ten———!!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone
who voted for Aarin! 󾬌

Aarin really loves
“Datte Aarin nanda mo-n ☆” herself

And she’s super happy that everyone loves it too ( ˆoˆ )/

Everyone at the venue changed their penlights to pink
and went so crazy

It was really so much fun——— (^ω^)

To everyone who supported Aarin through Live Viewing
Thank you so much too! 󾌾

And then,
we performed Yamagata’s “Watashi no American cherry” for the first time!

How was it? 󾁏

She’s really happy that this song managed to win 3rd place!

Thank you so much to everyone
who voted for a song they’ve never heard till today. (laugh)

Aarin sang it with maiden chic ♪

When she sings this song,
and when Reni-chan sings too,
it’s truly “Maiden!”, and that’s Aarin’s theme (laugh)

She wants to show off a sweet Aarin!

Next, while she doesn’t know when she’ll get to perform Yamagata’s song again ←

Please continue to support “Watashi no American cherry”!


also revealed a new song (。-∀-)♪

Its name is!!!
“Sweet Eighteen Boogie” (`・ω・´) 󾭠

It’s Aarin’s 3rd solo song \(^o^)/ 󾬌

It’s a cute and cool song
about 18 year old dancing maiden Aarin. (laugh)

Well, in short…
it’s a song that’s totally full of Aarin style!

She was really glad
that everyone started to add in their cheers right away (。-∀-)

Thank you.

It’s Aarin’s blessing
to be given such a wonderful song,
and to have a chance to perform it for everyone! 😍

Now Aarin
has one more song to add to her list of treasures!

She’ll sing it with precious love (*¨*)

Even if she becomes a celebrity legend someday, like the guests who came today,
she will continue to sing it with precious love.

Since it’s performed for the first time today,
there’s still a long way to go before she can get it perfect—

But she’ll work hard to deliver the charm of this song even better!

She’ll be glad if everyone can like this song~ 󾌧

Of course, she’ll work hard on “Aarin wa hankouki!” too ♪

And so,
today was a truly Aarin day!

Thank you!!

But but but but~

Aarin day is not over yet! 󾬌

“Kirumania family” will air tonight
at 00:55 on Fuji TV!

Make sure to watch it!

…Promise, ok?! 󾬧

Sasaki Ayaka