Posted on 2015-01-12 22:14:31

Yesterday was Ore no Best Ten!
Osaretai, Abare oni taiko, and Watashi no American cherry managed to get into the rankings!
Thanks to everyone who voted for them!
For Osaretai, Okuzawa Mura covered for Ariyasu’s parts!
Okuzawa Mura is! A special 3B unit that supports Takagi!
I’m sure they’ll become more and more popular soon. (laugh)
Because Ariyasu-san is still the main attraction, it’s a pity that she still can’t sing. But she managed to see everyone yesterday too (^^)
That was great!

Lots of guests also came, and we got to listen to various different solo and unit performances. It was a wonderful event!

And then, Fujii to yome no nanoka sensou finally ended successfully today!
Great job done. Let’s all work hard until we meet at the Super Arena next year!
Everyone, thank you!

And then and then, today is coming-of-age day!
To everyone around Japan who have successfully become adults!
Kanako-chan, Momoka! Congrats ❤
Work hard at becoming a charming adult like Takagi!

Joking (≧∇≦)