Posted on 2015-01-08 01:10:14

Yesterday was Day 1 of Ore no Fujii!
It was a full Momoclo concert, our first for the year, and we started off with a bang!
It was a good start, but really sad because Ariyasu-chan wasn’t there! 💦

But having heard everyone’s “Arigatou no present”, she will surely fly back the next time? (*^o^*)

And today is Day 2!
Ebisu’s Yasumoto Ayaka-chan has said that she wants to become the second Takagi Reni!

I really love Ayaka-chan and her singing voice, but maybe she should give up on the idea of being the second Takagi Reni? (laugh)

But I’m thankful!

There’s still many days of Ore no Fujii, so please support us!

And then, today is Nanakusa Day!
Takagi had some too, in hopes of having a healthy year!
Everyone, make sure to eat some too, so we can all be healthy!


Misa’s note:
Nanakusa porridge is a salty rice gruel and vegetable dish eaten at the beginning of each year to ward off illness and disaster. Nanakusa refers to the seven plants of spring, which include Japanese parsley, shepherd’s purse, cottonweed, chickweed, Japanese nipplewort, turnip and rockcress.