Posted on 2015-01-26 23:45:33

Tama-san and I found this place called “Donseibeiya” at Shinjuku Station along the Yamanote Line platform,
and went “What’s this?! Shall we go in? What should we do? Let’s go!” and so we went in! (laugh)

It’s a place where you get to try out the locality-limited Donseibei flavored noodles
I had the Hokkaido-limited shrimp and vegetable fritter udon, while Tama-san had the East Japan-limited curry udon (´ω`)
It was delicious 🎵

Then, we went to watch “Annie” \(^^)/
It was a really really wonderful movie!!
I was so touched, and learned so much too!!
We watched the subbed version today, and decided to go watch the dubbed version next time ♥

Ah, by the way, Tamai-san was 15 minutes late today—. (laugh)