Posted on 2015-01-26 23:22:31

I’m sure most people know about this already
Momoclo did a collab
with international rock band KISS-san!

I was taken aback with shock
when I first heard the news! (°_°)

Who knew this could really happen.
Life is just so unpredictable!!

But I’m really so happy!

We got to sing a song
written for us
by Paul Stanley-san!

It’s a really cool song
that truly shows the wonderful collaboration
between Japan and America!

I want to deliver it to everyone soon.

A while ago, we went to Las Vegas
to film the Music video for this song!

We did the filming together with KISS-san
Everyone was so kind,
and came to talk to us lots during the breaks!

They were so wonderful people,
I want to see them again soon!

I’ll upload the photos
next time ( ˆoˆ )/

I really will upload them! (laugh)

Everyone, please!
Enjoy this collab!


that was the blog entry
I’d written and saved on my mobile phone (laugh)

Time has passed so quickly,
and the release date is 2 days away…

Flying get will be out tomorrow. (laugh)

We also performed the song
on MSta a few days ago! 😌

Isn’t it cool?? (●´艸`)

I wish for the CDs
to reach everyone soon.

So, here are the photos (laugh)