Posted on 2015-02-22 18:21:35

There’s so much to write about—…

Where shall I begin—? (laugh)

Hmm, let’s start with the past 2 days ♪
All of us in Momoclo paid a visit to Kagawa— (*>∀<*)

To the locals and everyone who came from faraway,
and everyone all over the country who watched the LV
Thank you— (*^^*)

And everyone who couldn’t make it, but sent in their cheers ♪

As more and more people watch the movie,
we get to see and hear their reactions,
and it’s so exciting and thrilling… ☆

Let us know your opinions, criticisms included— (^m^)

And at Kagawa,
we ate delicious udon
and hosted a concert and meet-and-greet.
We all had a really wonderful time de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

I wasn’t on stage when Udonno made his appearance,
but I was really glad to finally meet him! ♡

We chatted with Director Motohiro, Hirata Oriza-san and Director Oobayashi.
I never thought such a situation would ever happen,
so it was a precious session for me ☆

Director Oobayashi
also shared lots of precious advice with us,
and we managed to learn so much de-ariyasu (* *)

Oh! For the concert, we performed the movie’s theme song “Seishunfu”
for the first time before an audience— ♪

I wish everyone who didn’t get to hear it
will get their chance soon too (*’-’).:*:゜☆

And then, the day before
was my highlight of each month, Folk Village— (*・Θ・*)

I wonder if anyone noticed
that I was trying out a new style of singing this time
that’s slightly different from my usual (*’-’*)

I’m just really inspired to slowly pick up different styles of singing
and improve myself de-ariyasu ♪

So, so,
everyone—, please watch over me— (*^^*)

Oh! Was everyone surprised when I picked “Sobakasu”
as my request song?!

I wanted to sing a song by Ayaka-san or aiko-san at first,
but I decided I wanted to try something different ☆

I hope to challenge more types of songs in the future too de-ariyasu (*^Θ^*)

Folk Village this time ended so soon again (+ +)

And Aarin’s graduation SP ☆ Looking forward to it! (*>∀<*)

But… There’s Sky Park’s Music Festival before that

We’ll be doing a collab
with Wada Akiko-san,
the thought just makes me tremble even now

But I’ll stand tall
Calm down

And practise lots in the upcoming days

If I can enjoying singing, rather than see it as a test…

Wow!! But that seems impossible ^^;

But with these feelings
and chance,
And all my precious friends ♡ listening in,
I hope to fully utilize
this opportunity granted to us de-ariyasu (*^^*)

Alright!!!!! Let’s go——— ☆

Ano koro wa~ ♪ Hah!! (laugh)


Misa’s note: Udonno, or “udon brain” is Kagawa Prefecture’s mascot character.