Posted on 2015-04-03 01:11:56

Rave reviews, at rehearsal for Dontaku now!

The concert this time is really amazing, the things we get to do are ∞

Aarin is having lessons while imagining everyone filling up the audience.

To everyone coming! And everyone supporting us through LV!

Look forward to it! ♪

And then, Aarin has been reading recently.

She’s an intelligent girl! (`・ω・´) Sparkle~ ✨

She’s been reading while commuting to Onnagawa a while ago, as well as on the morning trains to work 󾭕

What has she been reading? Books by Hirata Oriza-san!

A copy of “The book of adventures of 16 year old Oriza” goes everywhere with her now!

And before the start of practices on stage, in order to revise on what Oriza-san has taught, she begged Mama to buy her “Performances and productions” as well.

And then, Mama went together with her to buy it 📕

Fufu! Oriza-san had such interesting experiences when he was a student (^ω^)

This book…is really amazing!!!

Or rather, Oriza-san is amazing!

Aarin didn’t realize how lacking in experience she was? Really sorry about that 󾭛

When he was 16, Oriza-san traveled around the world on a bicycle.

16? That’s younger than Aarin?

Aarin just can’t imagine travelling around the world alone.

Planning it, convincing her parents, setting off. She’s never even planned a vacation before.

How awesome.

Meeting different people from different countries, experiencing different things…

I’ve only known Oriza-san as the person he is now, but I’m imagining how he would be like back then as I read this

Furthermore, this book was written when he was 18, the same age as Aarin now!

The person travelling in the book has taught Aarin about theater~

And to have acted in a novel about youth that this 16 year old traveler later wrote…

And then to take up the challenge of theater, it’s just such a magical feeling.

But Aarin is glad that she’s met Oriza-san when they’re the same age!

She’d like to chat with him about various things the next time they meet 👀

Now, she needs to read the next book!

Aaahh!! The answer from the previous entry!

That T-shirt was the tour shirt from the Yamada Denki Tour, held long ago!!

Mama decorated it with rhinestones, did everyone spot that?

She decided to wear it to rehearsals after all this time

By the way, Kawakami-san recognized the T-shirt right away. (laugh)

Sasaki Ayaka