Posted on 2017-09-27 23:10:32

Thanks for all your cooperation! (・Θ・)♪

So so,
Band rehearsals have finally begun (>Θ<)

As usual,
it still makes me feel so nervous (+_+)

This time,
I just want as many people as possible
to get the chance to hear me at the live venue…

It’s really just my selfish wish,
but we’ve opened up some more seats
at the back and sides
which have been marked
because it may be difficult to see me or the screen.

I’m really sorry…
I’ve caused trouble even till the end,
but I just want my songs to reach as many people as possible…

Even during the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka tour,
lots of people seated right at the back
in the top levels couldn’t see me well,
or couldn’t see the screen at all…

I’m really so sorry…

For those people
and for those
who couldn’t make it to the concert,
I sang with all my heart
in order to reach everyone (*˘︶˘*).。.:*

This time, for the Sendai and Budoukan shows too,
I’ll sing with all my might
so as to reach
everyone in every seat,
and everyone who won’t be able to make it!!

it’s my selfish wish, but
I just hope everyone can understand why
I want to deliver my songs to as many people as I can! (.. )

Thanks for everything (´・Θ・`)

I’ll accept everyone’s feelings
and work hard for my concert rehearsals!!

Wait for me~ ♪

These is the band for Sendai & Budoukan ♪
Together with these members,
I’ll create the best sound
and the best concert (*´╰╯`๓)♬*゜

Tomorrow on the 28th,
I’ll be doing a LINE LIVE from 20:30~ onwards!!!!
There’ll be ticket information regarding Sendai & Budoukan,
a PV’s first release,
the encore for Osaka Day 2 from the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka leg,
information about “Kokoro no oto” album,
and more.
So watch out for it~ (≖ᴗ≖ )♡