Posted on 2017-09-28 22:30:53

The weather’s suddenly turned cold today,
is everyone feeling alright? (´・・`)
Tomorrow will be super cold too,
so please take care, ok~ (><)

So, at 9 p.m. today,
the PV for “Iro enpitsu”,
a song from my solo album “Kokoro no oto”, was revealed~ (*´╰╯`๓)♬*゜

This song is about me writing on
my score sheets with color pencils.
And just for the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka shows,
I’ve penned the lyrics and melody for this song.

The PV was directed by Toyama Mitsuo,
and he created such a wonderful video o,+:。☆.*・+。

Throughout the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka shows,
I rewatched this video again and again.
As a result, I slowly got deeply immersed
in my own lyrics and worldview.

In the end,
in response to the cheers and applause from the fans at the concerts,
and in response to everyone
who’s always, always supported me with all their hearts,

I gathered everything I wanted to say to everyone
and wrote it into this song.

I actually only did the recording for this song
after the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka shows!!!!

What does everyone think~? Please let me know your thoughts ♪

To everyone who watched the LINE LIVE~
Thanks~! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡

It’s still archived,
so those who haven’t seen it yet, please do ♪

As I’ve mentioned on LINE LIVE,
thanks to everyone’s cooperation,
the Ariyasu Momoka Authorized
Concert Comments
have successfully made it into the tour pamphlet! (*’ω’ノノ゙☆ *claps*

I did my best to choose those that would be published,
but since I couldn’t pick everything,
all those that are left
will be put up on my blog
or on the solo album “Kokoro no oto” special site,
so please continue to support the project ´ω`)ノ

Because I just wanted to create the tour pamphlet together with everyone~ ・:*+.(( °Θ° ))/.:+

And then and then

Ticket information

Ariyasu Momoka Solo Concert
“Kokoro no senritsu ~feel a heartbeat~ Vol.1.3”
13 Oct 2017 (Fri)
open 18:00 / start 19:00 / (scheduled to end 22:00)
Miyagi Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
[General Lottery Application] (e-plus)
16 Sep 2017 (Sat) 12:00 ~ 24 Sep (Sun) 23:59
*Lottery Results Announcement + Payment Period:
27 Sep 2017 (Wed) 13:00 ~ 29 Sep (Fri) 21:00

Ariyasu Momoka Solo Concert
“Kokoro no senritsu ~feel a heartbeat~ Vol.1.5”
20 Oct 2017 (Fri)
open 16:30 / start 18:00 / (scheduled to end 21:00)
Tokyo Nippon Budoukan
[General Lottery Application] (e-plus)
Now! ~ 1 Oct (Sun) 23:59

The concert goods for the Sendai & Budoukan shows
are in production now, so I’ll be able to show everyone the samples soon,
so please look forward to that~ ♪
The theme this time is items that Ariyasu herself uses or wears frequently~!

Then, the photo campaign “photo wall”
that started during the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka shows!!
Of course, we’ll continue to do that for the Sendai & Budoukan shows!!
The themes will be…

Sendai: “Tiny courage”
Budoukan: “The voice of light”

These themes are closely linked to the songs from the solo album,
so I’m thinking it’ll be easier to think of ideas~ ♪

I’ll put up the photos I’ve taken too~!!

I’ll selfishly continue to ask for things
and your cooperation in various ways, so

Please support me! _(._.)_

For me,
in order to host the best concert,
in order to deliver the best songs,

I’ll give it my all!!
I promise (。•v•)๗♡๒(•ε•。)

Gently depicting your heart