Posted on 2017-10-01 00:00:52

Everyone, it’s slowly getting colder and colder,
so be careful not to catch a cold~ :;((•﹏•๑)));:

I have an announcement for everyone~ ☆。.:*・゜

On 2 Oct
from 20:50 onwards,
I’ll be doing another LINE LIVE ♪

The contents will include
another new PV release!! ♪
Contents of the pamphlet ♪
And new footage from the Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka shows ♪

That’s what I’m planning to show everyone (*´╰╯`๓)♬*゜

I hope everyone will continue to contribute…
They won’t make it into the pamphlet,
but I’ll choose some and put them up
on the album “Kokoro no oto” special site~ |ω・)

#有安杏果検定 (Ariyasu Momoka Authorized)
#有安杏果ココセン横浜 (Ariyasu Momoka Kokosen Yokohama)
#有安杏果ココセン大分 (Ariyasu Momoka Kokosen Oita)
#有安杏果ココセン名古屋 (Ariyasu Momoka Kokosen Nagoya)
#有安杏果ココセン大阪 (Ariyasu Momoka Kokosen Osaka)
#有安杏果ココセン東京 (Ariyasu Momoka Kokosen Tokyo)

#有安杏果宗像フェス (Ariyasu Momoka Munakata Fest)

Please~ ♪

Then, some tags for the songs!!

#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto)
#色えんぴつ (Iro enpitsu)

Please use these to let me know
your thoughts on “Iro enpitsu”
through your blogs, Twitter, or Insta ♪

I’ll be sure to check everything~ ( ⚭-⚭) *stare*