Posted on 2017-10-04 14:57:06

The weather suddenly turned cold today~ :;((•﹏•๑)));:
I’ve started wearing more layers now!!
Please take care of your health too (><)

One more week
to the release date of album "Kokoro no oto"~ ┣¨‡ (♡°ω°♡)┣¨‡

I'm starting to get super nervous~…

Having lived the life I’ve lived,
I’ve been singing “songs”
in order to deliver my feelings to everyone

So, rather than the number of CDs sold,
I’m concerned about how many people I’ll reach.
That’s why I wanna reach as many people
as I can.

What should I do…? (´._.`)
It’s a tough question~…
Everyone, please help me out o,+:。☆.*・+。

Just imagining my music
playing in different places throughout the city
and displayed in CD shops
just makes me too happy (´•̥﹏•̥`)

And that’s all thanks to everyone
who has always supported me ☆。.:*・゜

Really, thanks for everything (*・Θ・*)

I also met up with Watari Kazuhisa-san,
who did the 2 songs
“Aisaretakute” and “Tooboe”
at Munakata Fest last month~ ♪

He’s really such a nice guy!
Now, these 2 songs are essential
both during my concerts
and on the “Kokoro no oto” album!

Anyway, actually, this album
doesn’t have a title track,
because all 14 songs are truly, truly
my precious treasures (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♪

Today’s homework is

#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #愛されたくて (Aisaretakute)
#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #遠吠え (Tooboe)

That’s it~!

#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #色えんぴつ (Iro enpitsu)
#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #TRAVELFANTASISTA
#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #ヒカリの声 (Hikari no koe)
#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #愛されたくて (Aisaretakute)
#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #遠吠え (Tooboe)

is included in the Yokohama Arena DVD,
so listen to it lots~ (・ω<)-☆

was only performed during the Tokyo, Nagoya, & Osaka shows,
so those who came for the concerts, please!

I'll make an announcement about the goods on 6 Oct~ ♡
Please look forward to it *^ω^)ノ" ♪