Posted on 2017-10-04 19:37:15

The number of things to blog about has piled up again! 😂

Long time no see.

Firstly, Kodomo Matsuri!

Thank you to
all the little friends who came with their Dads and Moms 😊

Everyone was so cute, it was lovely to see you.

If everyone can remember Kodomo Matsuri
even when you get older, I’ll be really glad ( *´艸`)

Then, everyone’s big brother, Hiromichi-onii-san!

Thank you!

Then then,
we received the Best J-Pop Group Video award from MTV VMAJ 2017!

Wow~, what an honor.
It’s an award we share with all the wonderful athletes
and lots of people who helped us out.

So grateful to everyone…!

Then then then!!

The new CM for the Halloween Jumbo Lottery has been revealed~ 😆

Momoclo has transformed
into samurai, just like Yakusho Kouji-san!

Compared to most people, I guess we’re sorta
used to wearing mustaches and wigs? (laugh)

So it didn’t feel that strange, and we had fun!

We couldn’t smile too, because the mustache would fall off… (laugh)

Watching the other members hold in their laughter
just made me want to smile. It’s a vicious cycle. (laugh)

It’ll start broadcasting on the 11th!
Do check it out~~!

Samurai will become our Halloween costume this year ☺︎

I’ve blogged everything out with a ba-ba-ba-bam!
Yoshine Kyoko-san, do be careful not to let everything pile up again. (laugh)