Posted on 2017-10-12 23:41:50

No matter how many times I do it, I still feel nervous~ (>Θ<)

But, more than the usual anxiety,
it's more of a happy nervousness this time
to be able to sing at Sendai tomorrow~ o,+:。☆.*・+。

Today and tomorrow, I wanna sing for someone
Tomorrow, I’ll give everything I have
That’s the only thing in my mind now

So I’ll perform “Chiisana yuuki” at Sendai!!

By the way, thanks to everyone,
we’ve managed to open the restricted seats
at Sendai Sun Plaza
and Nippon Budoukan

Thanks so much! (・Θ・)
It’s all because of everyone’s support ☆。.:*・゜

There’ll be people who will be attending the Sendai Sun Plaza show
but didn’t go to the Tokyo, Nagoya, & Osaka tour,
so I’ll do some explaining!

First, we’ll do a toast at the start of the concert!
So please bring along the mug from the Tokyo, Nagoya, & Osaka tour,
or a water bottle ♪

I want to do a campaign called
“Kokoro no senritsu: the photowall made by fan”,
so I’d like everyone to bring photos or polaroids to the venue and paste them onto the logo board ♪

The theme is
photos or images of the “Grow happiness clover with momoka kit” sold during Oita ☆。.:*・゜

And also,

Sendai Sun Plaza: “Chiisana yuuki”
Nippon Budoukan: “Hikari no koe”

Any photo that represents how everyone views these songs
or their lyrics are welcome too~~ ♪

Each person can submit an A5-sized photo or smaller
(Polaroids and purikura are OK too)
You may write
the link to the theme on the photos!

Then, please bring the concert towel
or a white towel along ♪

And practice “Chiisana yuuki”, ok? (laugh)

Because we’ll sing it together~ (*´╰╯`๓)♬*゜

And then…
Just bring along your voices and applause (*ˊ˘ˋ*)
There’s no better instrument than your hands and voice~ o,+:。☆.*・+。

I wanna create a concert together with everyone…

So please help me out~ (*´ ³ `)ノ

I’ll work hard too,
to reach out to those who can’t come,
and those who are far away!

So support me while listening to album “Kokoro no oto”! (laugh)

Today’s homework is…

#ココロノオト (Kokoro no oto) #ありがとうのプレゼント (Arigatou no present)

That’s it~ ♪

I wanted to give them all to everyone,
so I included all 3~ ( *˙˙*)

Did everyone receive them? (.. )♡

Let’s go to bed soon~ (ρω*)ノ~

Oh! Everyone~
I think it’ll be
really cold tomorrow… :;((ɔ°ө°c));:

According to the weather forecast,
the lowest temperature at Sendai tomorrow is 9°C~ (´⊙ω⊙`)

Please take care of your health
and dress warmly ♪

Because we have a neverending sky

And courage