6/30 Kanako 最後の講義

I had a chance to be in charge of voice-overing the 1st part of” Last lecture” which will be on TV,BS1 July 16,17th 2 days in a row at night.
 If today was the last day of your life, what would you talk about?
 This TV program is going to give you a chance to think about a lot of precious things.
 I watched the whole video before adding the voice on it,  I felt very pleasure to know this lecture by chance. Then I felt a lot of pressure I have to add a voice over on this.
 As I reading the voice part of this lecture, watching the video made me moved and I almost cried even though I watched it over and over before ward.
I really recommend to watch this, as much people as they can.
You may be ought to recommend to the person close to you especially.
 This TV show is a such wonderful program.
Last lecture, please enjoy it.

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