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New Song ♪ GO FOR IT!!
26 June 2012. 22:46:44

Today will be ending soon, and it’ll be 27 June 

The chaku-uta for new song “GO FOR IT!!” will be starting 

This is a pop tune, with a “love confession” theme 

Falling in love, getting attached, both naturally contain lots of excitement, but there’s also the anxious drama that comes only with having a crush on someone 

This song is about the cute feelings one feels when thinking of one’s crush 

Researching on compatibility, setting mobile themes that are rumored to grant love 

Feeling like “boo——-” when seeing him talk with other girls , then finally getting a chance to talk to him, but ending up being too nervous and unable to speak well 

I want to tell him my feelings soon!!
But I don’t want to get hurt 
But I don’t want someone else to steal him away either!! 

This is a love confession cheer song to support such feelings 

Please do give it a listen 

The MUSIC VIDEO will be complete soon too!!
The Girl dancers will be appearing this time 

This pop MV will be quite different from the usual 
Look forward to it