Momoclo Dictionary

A list of Momoclo-related terms.


5th – Short for “5th DIMENSION”, a Momoclo album and subsequent tour.

Aarin – Pet name for member Sasaki Ayaka. She often blogs in third-person perspective.

Ariyasu-sui – aka Ariyasu water, the name of bottled mineral water sold at Bawa Sawagi 2014. The idea comes from the fact that Momoka cries easily, so Ariyasu-sui represents her bottled tears.

Baka Sawagi – The general name for Momoclo’s annual summer festival concert. Literally means “fooling around”.

Bessatsu Momoclo-chan – Extra scenes that did not make it into the official Momoclo-chan programme.

Chibikko matsuri – An special concert held in 2014 open only for audience 154cm and shorter. Momoka was the main organizer of the concert. Literally means “Little one’s Festival”.

da-Z – A modification of ending suffix “da ze”.

DD – Short for “daredemo daisuki”. A Momoclo fan who supports every member. Different from Hako oshi.

de-ariyasu – A modification of “dearu”, an ending particle often used in writing, by Momoka.

Dekonofu – A name for member Kanako’s fans. Derived from her self-introduction.

Hajiclo – Short for “Hajimete no Momoclo”, a 2-hour long programme that documents the 7 year history of Momoclo.

Hako oshi – A Momoclo fan who doesn’t support any member specifically, but the group as a whole. Also known as Unit oshi. Different from DD.

Haru Seibu – The spring concert held at Seibu Dome in 2013.

Kokuritsu – Short of “Kokuritsu kyougijou” or “National Olympic Stadium”. As of 2012, only four music bands have performed at the National Stadium: Dreams Come True, SMAP, Arashi, and L’Arc-en-Ciel. Momoclo was the first girl group in history to perform there.

Kokuritsugawa – Written as “国立川”: a combination of the words “国立” kokuritsu and “立川” Tachikawa. The term was coined in November 2011, during the launch event for single “Roudou sanka”, which took place on the rooftop of “Tachikawa from chuubu” building. During the event, the girls spoke of their wish to perform at the National Stadium, which is located in the nearby town, and so combined the names of these 2 places to give “kokuritsugawa”.

Kouhaku – Short for “Kouhaku Utagassen” or “Red and White Song Festival”, an annual New Year’s Eve music programme that revolves around a battle between the female artistes (red team) and the male artistes (white team). The honor of performing on Kouhaku is strictly by invitation, so only the most successful singing acts in the Japanese entertainment industry can perform.

Maku ga agaru – Movie starring Momoclo, to be released on 28 February 2015. Literally means “Raise the curtains”.

Momoclo – Short for “Momoiro Clover”.

Momoclo-chan – Short for “Momoiro Clover Z Channel”, a weekly TV programme hosted by Momoclo. Also a cute nickname that Aarin uses to describe the group.

MomoKakudo – A combination of the words Momoka and Kakudo (angle). A term coined by fans to describe Momoka’s style of taking selfies.

Momokuri – Short for “Momoclo Christmas”, the general name for Momoclo’s annual winter concert

Momonofu – A name for member Momoka’s fans, following a mistake Momoka made on a blog entry regarding the word “mononofu”.

Mononofu – A Momoclo fan. Also means “warrior” or “samurai”.

Onna matsuri – A special concert open only for female audience. Literally means “Girl’s Festival”.

Otoko matsuri – A special concert open only for male audience. Literally means “Boy’s Festival”.

Pit-a-pat ★ Heart throb – A line from Zenryoku Shoujo, “harahara dokidoki”, which the members like to use in their blog entries.

Puninofu – A name for member Aarin’s fans, as Aarin describes her cheeks as “punipuni” or “squishy”.

Shiorin – Pet name for member Tamai Shiori.

Takanofu – A name for member Reni’s fans.

Tamanofu – A name for member Shiorin’s fans.

Toujinsai – The official title of Summer Baka Sawagi 2014 at Nissan Stadium. Literally means “festival of the peach deities”.

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